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Barcelona/Inter Milan Match Report

Haven’t posted any of these in ages, and frankly I’m not sure this one is particularly worth posting…

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Bolt Article

Here’s another article we did, was working with Fiz this time as well (although he mainly just served to distract us… Sorry Fiz!)

This one was a proper piece about Usain Bolt’s win in the 100m in Beijing.

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Roddick Article

Haven’t posted any of these up for a while, have done quite a few since the last one.

First one was the second part of the assignment with the Federer press conference, using the runner-up Andy Roddick’s conference.

Unlike Federer’s conference, this one was completely lacking in any leads to use for a story.

Wasn’t particularly happy with this one, we finished it off in the ten minutes before it was due but our lecturer seemed fairly happy..

Also excuse the AWFUL headline, it was Sam’s idea..

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Sports Journalism

I started a module at uni called ‘Sports Journalism’ recently. It seems like it’s going to be cool, and is going to involve writing a lot of articles.

I thought I may as well share them on here, so will post all the ones I write, starting with this one.

We were given Roger Federer’s post-match press conference from the Wimbledon final last year and had to get a story out of it. I was working with my mate Sam and this is what we did. I’m pretty pleased with it.

"Federer wants a holiday

Roger Federer wants to go part time with his tennis career.

Speaking in a press conference after winning his record fifteenth Grand Slam at Wimbledon, he complained about the relentless touring schedule that professional tennis players endure.

“we play too many tournaments. So we don’t have the chance…to work on our game enough”

Despite being seen by many as the greatest tennis player of all time, Federer has claimed that his game is far from perfect. He has suggested the idea of a six-month break in the tennis calendar, saying that it

“would be interesting to see…how could you evolve as a player”

Tennis greats Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg and Stefan Edberg were all present to watch the record-breaker beat Andy Roddick in five sets. It would be interesting to see what these legends think of Federer’s proposal.

With Federer performing as well as he is with the current schedule, it is frightening to think how successful he could be with half a year off to practise. Or lounge around on the beach.”